Breathable Silicone Invisible Bra

$19.90 $89.00

  • Color: black , color
  • Size:A,B,C,D CUP
  • They work as below:
  • 1.To solve the silicone bra clasp
  • 2.First the bra left on the left side of the left breast, pay attention to the bra left piece to vertical (vertical) rather than across
  • 3.Then the bra right on the right chest
  • 4.The buttons on the buckle
  • It can be reused Dozens of times.
  • Pls wash it by Shower gel and Please use the hand to dry after washing, don't dry or dry, not with a towel. A paper towel to wipe the inside of the cup.
  • About the cup size:According
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